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About Us

Welcome to Jay Buys Houses Fast. We are a team of house buyers in NC that buys properties for cash. Our services are ideal for highly motivated sellers who are in sticky situations. However, we also work with people who have great properties to sell but prefer not to work with a real estate agent. With our fair cash offers and quick closing times, our services make sense for many sellers.

We Buy Houses for Cash in NC. Here are the Benefits to Choosing Us.

Jay Buys Houses Fast is a family owned and operated business. We treat our customers like family. They are our neighbors and friends after all! Below you’ll find a few reasons to choose our house buyers in NC for a quick and speedy home sale.

Locally owned. As a local business, we are familiar with the local markets. This allows us to come up with a fair cash offer based on your property’s neighborhood and location.

Personalized solutions. We realize that a cash home sale isn’t right for everyone. We’re happy to meet with you and provide a solution that is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

Compassionate team. Selling the family home is a big decision. Our NC cash home buyers are understanding and supportive. We work with people in all situations, including divorce, foreclosure and job loss.

Appealing offers. Today’s market is tough. With stricter financial restrictions, lower appraisals and pickier homebuyers, it makes sense for sellers to consider a cash offer.

Meet Our Team Members.

We feel it’s best to put a name to a face so…meet our team members! You can expect to work with us throughout the entire process. Ask us any questions – we’re only a phone call away!

  Jay Conner: President

Jay Buys Houses Fast is a division of Conner Properties, which is locally owned and operated by Jay Conner. Jay graduated from Wake Forest University with a bachelor’s in Business. He is also a national speaker and author who teaches people how to connect with private lenders to fund their business endeavors.

Of course, Jay isn’t always about business. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and composing music, some of which is played at Universal Studios and on 20+ cable and satellite channels. It’s possible that you’ve met Jay before through his music!

Jay also takes pride in teaching a capella singing group and donating time to his local church. As you can see, Jay has a big heart and loves helping people. This is what makes him perfect for this job!

 Kim Burnette: General manager

While Jay is busy overseeing the company, Kim is the one to answer the calls and schedule appointments. She does an excellent job gathering information from sellers and researching the properties on her own. As a local homeowner herself, Kim is familiar with the local markets and what properties are selling for. When coupled with her research, Kim helps Jay make quick decisions on which properties to buy.

No matter what situation you are facing – foreclosure, behind on mortgage payments, relocation, divorce – we can help. Contact us today to get a free cash offer on your home.



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